Transfer into practice

Student teachers often have difficulties in using their professional knowledge to solve practical problems (Boeger, 2016; DIHK, 2015; Herzog & Makarova, 2014; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia et al., 2009). Instructional action is characterized by a high degree of situativity, immediacy, complexity, and context-boundness (Lindmeier, 2011; Oser et al., 2010). Therefore, we focus on the use of authentic (simulation- and video-based) procedures to promote and capture professional competencies in teacher education (Blomberg et al., 2011; Oser et al., 2010; Seidel et al., 2010). Nationwide, there is virtually no evidence of university courses explicitly promoting action-based competencies (in the sense of direct interaction with students) (Kuhn et al. 2017).

In the school context of action, teachers have to act directly during classroom activities and react to more complex demanding situations. However, students' practice-oriented teaching skills are significantly lower than teachers' (see ELMaWi results).

ELMaWi Transfer pursues the targeted promotion and examination of (precisely these) professional (teaching) competencies. Based on the results of the ELMaWi validation study (03/16-02/19), a video online tool is developed and made available. This enables an explicit promotion of specific professional competencies (AK, RK,..) through situational, authentic teaching situations. The tool is modular and our innovative service for the promotion of these competences in studies can be accessed in two ways:

  1. We compile, with the help of the service of our cooperation partners, a tool on various contents including instructions for use in teaching.
  2. We provide videos that can be used individually to supplement your own content.

The joint project is carried out in cooperation between the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education in Kiel (IPN, Department of Mathematics Education, BMBF-FKZ: XXX) and the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz (JGU, Chair of Business Education, BMBF-FKZ: XXX).