Design & Instruments

ELMaWi results are used in the transfer project and the project results from the ELMaWi-Transfer project are further used.

The research findings obtained in ELMaWi, for example on the subject-specificity of practical competencies or on the role of knowledge for competencies (cf. list of publications), form the basis of the learning environment in ELMaWi-Transfer. In the context of the transfer project, the ELMaWi instruments for recording the practice-related competencies AC and RC are used. For a detailed description of the ELMaWi instruments, please refer to the ELMaWi information.

In addition, the following results and materials from the original ELMaWi project are used:
* The video vignettes from both subjects - supplemented by existing videos from other projects - are used as material in the online learning environment.
* The answers of (prospective) teachers collected in ELMaWi tests are used to enrich the learning environment with expectation horizons, typical errors, etc.
* The ELMaWi feedback tool is used again within the learning environment.
* The tests used in ELMaWi for subject-specific and subject-didactic knowledge are used, among other things, to identify students' prior knowledge and individual deficits in learning (see also project profile for PCK Wirtschaft).
* The ELMaWi findings on the cognitive levels of the test items, among other things, can be used to continuously expand the concept of the learning environment for different levels (bachelor's degree, trainee teacher).

Sample task:
Exemplary didactic preparation (subject economics, topic price elasticity) of a video vignette.

Contextual information:
"You are teaching a class of wholesale and foreign trade clerks in the second year of training and are currently in learning area 8 (Preparing and controlling pricing policy measures in a success-oriented manner). At the moment you are working on pricing policy. The topic of the current lesson is price elasticity in a business context. In the last lesson, it was explained when it makes sense for a company to lower its price and that this also requires a change in demand. As homework, you should now choose an example that illustrates the effects of a price reduction when demand is elastic."
Description of video shown:
The following video shows an excerpt of this homework discussion. The statement of a student contained therein indicates difficulties in understanding: "When prices are lowered, costs increase for the company and thus sales decrease."

Sample work assignment AC (under time pressure):
Give spontaneously a direct stimulus, which should help the student to understand the connection between a price reduction and an elastic demand.

Sample Work Order RC (without time pressure):
What could be the reasons for the difficulty in understanding? Based on your diagnosis, develop an approach to teaching that might be appropriate to address the student's difficulty in understanding. Justify your approach.