Assessing Subject-Specific Competences in Teacher Education in Mathematics and Economics

Welcome on the project-website „Assessing Subject-Specific Competencies in Teacher Education in Mathematics and Economics – A Quasi-Experimental Validation Study with a Focus on Domain-Specificity (ELMaWi)“ and „Promotion of Subject-Specific Competencies in Teacher Education in Mathematics and Economics using video-based ELMaWi tools“. Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The ELMaWi-Transfer project (07/2020-06/2022) builds on the ELMaWi project (see below). It was shown there that although the competencies of teachers in mathematics and economics are based on their professional knowledge, they have an independent character. In the future, it should be possible to develop competencies in the subject even better at the university level by means of tailored learning opportunities. ELMaWi-Transfer focuses on the implementation of a didactic approach for the application-oriented promotion and assessment of subject-specific teaching skills in university teacher education. In a video-based online learning environment, practical tasks with typical situations from the subject lessons and learning materials for the use in higher education are provided.

In a quasi-experimental validation study with pre-service and in-service teachers of mathematics and economics, the ELMaWi project team pursued two key objectives:

  1. to examine by means of innovative assessment designs the validity of the assessment of subject-specific teacher competency, that is, their knowledge as well as their ability to respond appropriately in challenging situations in the classroom

  2. to examine the validity of the modeling of domain-specific and generic components of teacher competency